My Thoughts on the Tesla Model 3

teslaSo I was thinking of switching to an electric car, of course when you say electric car nowadays it’s always something from tesla. Yes, I know that there are other electric cars out there and how some hybrid cars are more dependable. But I’ve wanted to try out being all futuristic. With 2015 passing by I remember a lot of promises of the future made by “Back To The Future II”, we didn’t get a legit hover craft, and the self-lacing shoes was either just a project of the company for publicity or some tech-savvy guys garage project. It’s far from a flying car but you can’t help but think that the Model 3 is a futuristic car with its sleek design and self-driving capabilities, which I heard you, have to pay for to enable, boo! Then again I do worry about kids crossing the street when a total moron tests out the limits of the car’s self-driving capabilities.

Now, let’s talk about the car itself. It’s priced at around 35 to 43 thousand dollars, depending on options I heard, which is an okay price for a car like this I guess.  And will be out approximately late 2017, I guess they are still making sure that the AI won’t turn against humanity. Jokes aside this will be the first time the company will be producing and releasing so many units, as much as 400,000 Model 3s, compared to their earlier more exclusive units which they only produced and released 140,000. The thought of the company not meeting their deadline will cross all of our minds, but then again they are the sister company of space-x, if they can put things into orbit and land reusable rockets upright, I guess they can find ways to reach the production goals, I’ve heard of deals here and there with factories so I am not that worried.


So why not the other electric cars that will soon be in the market as well? I had heard that other car manufacturers will be selling their electric cars soon, and that they will be a bit cheaper compared to the Model 3. But with what Tesla has shown us, I am more than satisfied with the performance they promise, not to mention that the company has been doing this for a long time, I am pretty sure that they know more about electric cars compared to their competitors. And lastly who can resist buying a car made by a company whose owner is quite possibly a super villain.



5 Reasons You Should Get a Sports Car

Sports car

Do you need to haul heavy cargo? Does your work involve you driving in rough terrains? Do you like driving big bulky trucks around town looking for a parking space? No? Then you have the option to buy a sleek sports car that will get you where you need to be fast and in style. Sports cars are works of art on wheels, driving one just show that you’re a man with good taste. To help you decide if you really want one I will tell you a few reasons why you should own one. Let’s get started!


  1. Light Weight Design

Trucks and regular cars are often used to carry a lot of heavy cargo, this means that your cars’ structure needs to be extremely sturdy, and sturdy material is heavy material. Sports cars are made for one thing, speed, so sturdy but lightweight materials are used for their construction. Having a light car will allow you not only to reach speeds not possible with regular cars, but have better handling, the less weight to cause centrifugal force to push you off the road the better right?

  1. Beautiful Design

Sports cars being a premium item are crafted to be works of art, from the engine to the body, a lot of work is put into to perfection of both performance and Aesthetics. It feels good to be driving a car that runs and looks beautiful.

  1. Attractive

Yes, the car is definitely attractive but I don’t mean that. You will look more attractive, I know it’s a tiny bit shallow, but most if not all attraction starts out as something superficial.  Reel them in with the sexy sports car, and then let them get to know the awesome you.

  1. Seat for Two

So you’re in a bar when you meet this girl who would change your life forever, you decided to go on a ride with your REGULAR car, but it turns out your best friend Greg was sleeping at the back. This ruined the mood and ended the night. This wouldn’t have happened if you got that two-seater sports car.

  1. Bragging Rights

When life is good you share your blessings with the ones you love, and share your moments with everyone, so that they may look up to you and say “I will achieve that one day as well”. Be a beacon of prestige, and example of how life could be if one would want it to be. Get a sports car!


It’s Hard to Make a Car Pest Free

I’m not talking about keeping a car pest free, I am talking about a car that already has pests, and you want to make it pest free. Last month I found this car on Craigslist and thought that it would be perfect to flip, it was in good condition or at least as good as a second-hand car could be. I’m very good at fixing cars and buying and restoring cars to flip is my game, but this time the car had something I wasn’t familiar with, something I never encountered in a car, something alive!

I wish it were something more awesome and mysterious, but the thing inside the car was a mouse. It was incredibly persistent and living somewhere inside the seats or trunk. I thought about hiring a Pest Control Company Jupiter to handle things for me, but the one I called told me that I would end up needing to take the car apart anyway because a dead mouse would eventually smell. So our game of cat and mouse started and lasted until the last piece of the interior was out. It took a couple of days, but I found its home inside the dashboard, the mouse now lives in a cage at the corner of my office, a good fate for such an adversary.


How To Clean Up Your Garage – Fast & Effective

It is funny how cars are no longer parked inside the garage anymore. It’s not because it is inconvenient but because the garage has turned into an in-house dumpster where you keep the stuff that you are not sure whether to dispose or keep.

It is a big waste of space and function to use your garage that way. The garage is meant to keep your car safe from the elements. Now, you need to get your act together and give your vehicle the garage it so deserves. Here are some ideas on how you can organize your garage.

First things, first. You need to set a schedule on when you will do the task of cleaning up your garage. You would be the one to know how much time you can spend on your garage cleaning so set up the schedule and stick to it. Once you started moving something from the garage, you need to commit that you will finish it.

Next, make sure you have a roll-off container on stand-by and they will make sure that your trash goes to the landfills and not back into your garage. If you are in New Jersey, we recommend these guys that we have been using for our own business. They are very reliable and efficient in their jobs. If you prefer not doing the work yourself you can hire a junk removal service such as college hunks hauling junk.

Now, here are the basic steps to complete your garage clean-up.


This will take the bulk of your time in your garage clean-up activity. You have three categories that you need to keep in mind when you do your sorting, and that is “Keep,” “Donate,” and “Throw.” You need to be objective here. To know which to throw, you just need to ask yourself is this still useful? Did my life stop functioning when I did not see this thing in the past two years? If you say “Nay,” to any of the questions, that means that the thing goes straight to the dumpster.

We understand that there are things that hold sentimental value. But if they are eating a lot of space and just covered with dust, you need to rethink it. You can take a photo of it if it is that hard to let go.

The ones for donation needs to go right away. Do not keep them in your garage for more than a month. It is meant to go out of your garage so do it ASAP.


For the items you intend to keep, sort them further according to their kind such as sports gear, tools, etc. so it will be easier to store them. Here are some guidelines on how you should keep them organized in your garage.

  1. Keep items off your garage floor. Make it your personal rule so that your things will be placed on proper shelves if you want to keep other things besides your car in the garage.
  2. Keep items that you use together stored close to each other
  3. Place bulky equipment on the corners of your garage.


You need to keep your garage organized. Resist the temptation to stash things in your garage. You have your shelves so make sure you only put there what is necessary. Asking yourself “Where will I put it?” before bringing new items to your home will help you curb the habit of stashing things in your garage.


Residential Electrician Services For Car Enthusiasts

We love our cars. We spare no expense when it comes to our car. There is always a new way to customize it and the prospect of having a new one is even more exciting. We take care of our cars like crazy because we know that even a single tiny scratch could ruin it. But have you ever though that you would need a help from an electrician to take a look your car?

I haven’t thought much about it until the day came when I couldn’t open my garage door. Of all days it can happen, it happened on my first day in my new job here in Atlanta. I have set an allowance for traffic and a stop at my favorite café but I never anticipated my garage door will conk on me on this momentous day.

I have tried all the tricks and hacks I found on the internet but nothing worked. Actually, I just gave up on it after seeing how complicated it looks. I don’t have the time to drill, saw and pick locks on my first day at work.

Sweaty and desperate, I took the bus to office that day. Nice! I just laughed at the thought of having a fine looking car but there I was riding the bus to work. I also couldn’t stop thinking about the garage. I never really paid attention to it.

I went home after office and went straight to the garage. I tried to figure out why the garage door would not budge. Everything looked alright until I remember to check the power source. I plugged the car door opener to another outlet and tried if the car opener will work. I was surprised that it worked. The garage door smoothly opened as if there was nothing wrong with it this morning.

Problem solved, right? Not! I was still bothered why the original outlet was no longer working. I looked at it but I am afraid to keep going because I might cause more harm to the house. Worse, electrocute myself.  I decided to just seek the help of a professional residential electrician for electrical repair. There were several electrician services here in Atlanta so it was easy to find one.

The residential electrician came to our house in Atlanta the following day to fix the busted outlet. I did not bother to ask what went wrong because I was more eager to know about their garage installation and repair services. I want to keep the information handy just in case something like this happens again.

Everything in my humble garage is back to normal. But now, I take care of it as much as I take care of my ride. I am even considering getting a new car garage next spring.


Keeping My Car Collection Safe from Pests

Unless if I keep my car collection inside a giant, airtight vault, I wouldn’t be able to completely protect them from every element, though I would like that kind of security for my cars, I am not that rich. What I have notice though, is that even if you keep your garage clean there is still the problem of pests and vermin invading when the presence of people are lacking, which describes my garage perfectly. The dust also collects if I leave the place alone for too long, because of these I have decided to formulate a plan to keep my Collection in pristine condition.



Keeping the place clean

The idea is simple, keeping the place clean with cleaners coming in every other day, if not every day. The amount of cleaning of the surrounding area will keep pests from starting to live in an area of the garage, this very essential as most of the time I have noticed that many pests find cars to be the perfect place to live in. If you allow them in close proximity to the cars, it won’t be long when they decide to upgrade their little corner of the garage to my Porsche 911’s compartment.

Keeping an area clean, even if food is not present is necessary, if a place remain untouched for so long they find the place to be a perfect hiding spot and breading area. When they do they will start living in it, dragging in pieces of food and attracting more pests like bugs.


Making sure the Garage is Safe

Locking the garage and making sure that it is sealed shut is a start, but you have to also make sure that the whole structure is sturdy and kept well maintained. If the garage is even partially made of wood I suggest that you call termite inspectors, they will inspect if you will need preventive treatment or if you are already infested with termites. While termites are not effective against most cars, with them being made out of metal, there is still the danger of your car being exposed to the forces of nature, through damages of the build caused by termites.

I have seen this happen before, my grandfather had an old classic roadster locked up in his barn, it was quite a rare one too, nowadays you could find a roadster like that probably only in Imperial Palace collection, and though that barn had not been open in a long time, it was discovered that damages on the roof allowed water to fall in, destroying the car slowly, had they maintained the barn or put it in a better structure, that beautiful machine wouldn’t have suffered such a fate.



When it comes to something valuable to you, you will need to protect it from every little thing that could destroy it or the housing that shields it from harm. If you want to maintain anything in good condition, maintain, clean, and protect.

Had my grandfather done this, I would have had a pretty rare car in my collection right now.


Partying On a Boat after a Friendly Race

The best time to party is after having a whole lot of fun, just like what my dad always tells me “Don’t drink to get happy, drink to get happier”, which is exactly how you could define how we spent one night some time ago. We decided to have a little friendly race, with a little reward for all of us waiting at the other side. We decided to find a party boat hire it and use it as the destination and finish line for our race, where we would party the whole night away.

I won’t be mentioning names or places, given that we might have cause a bit of disturbance during our race. So allow me to vaguely tell you about the best Saturday I have ever had!



The Planning

So we know racing at certain places would be dangerous, so we made sure to start the race at the right time and place, making sure to avoid traffic. We like having fun, but we don’t really like doing it at the expense of others, we monitored everything from traffic to making sure our routes were patrol free. The cops are just doing their jobs, so better make sure we are out of their way, and not waste their time chasing a bunch of lunatics like us.

After some time of monitoring the movement of traffic and how authorities monitor traffic, we got the best route at the best possible time to reach the docks. All that was left was figuring out which cars to use, in the event of getting caught drag racing, we didn’t really want our cars to be impounded, so we decided to get a few old models to race (we have disposable income, don’t worry though we do give money to charity, but we don’t forget to enjoy ourselves).


The Cars

There was supposed to five of us who was part of the race, and a lot more waiting at the docs for us for the party to start. But all we found were three good cars with decent working engines, one was an old 96 Corolla, and two Lancers so we decided to draw straws and the other two will just have to wait for our next event.

Not Fast & The Furious ;]

Not Fast & The Furious ;]

This wasn’t a “Fast and Furious” type of race, we were exceptional drivers, but we didn’t have the beasts you saw Vin Diesel driving. In fact they were okay at best, the corolla actually needed its starter to get replaced the day before the race, good thing a buddy of mine had and old one that fits lying around in his garage.  The Lancers were pretty banged up when we got it, and the paint job was terrible, they were definitely not pretty much less exceptional machines. But they did have decent engines, and we made sure to tune them up before the race.


The Race

Was it something spectacular, did we fly all over the place and try to push the others off the road? Nah, it was a clean race, except for over-speeding and destroying a few traffic cones, I really don’t think it was too wild. We made sure to lessen any dangers when it came to actually doing it, as we knew it was a stupid thing to do, but we just had to do it because it looked really kick ass in the movies.

We went over the speed limit but none of us really floored it throughout the end, out of fear that we might actually hurt someone.  I  know for a fact that real racers reading this might think that we should have gone all out, since we made all the preparation and all, but let me remind you that our aim was to have a fun time and just get to the docks first.



I got to the docks last, and as to who actually won, there is still a debate going on, as the two seemed to reach the docks about at the same time, I would post a video from one of our friends at the docks but that would really expose us. We just decided to split the prize between the two “winners” Which is a Secret.



Clueless in San Antonio

My time in San Antonio was something of a wonderful surprise, I never actually thought about visiting the place. I was never fond of the idea of traveling domestic destinations, when it came to traveling I always thought of Europe or Asia. I am quite lucky to have friend that would literary drag me out of my room to enjoy events and trips, their story of what San Antonio would be seemed exaggerated, but the moment we got to the river walk I finally had to admit that there is a lot to see and experience in your own country.

My first time at the river walk was amazing! It was as if I was in another country, the river taxi took us to most of the places we wanted to visit. I felt like a kid again, just enjoying the ride as if there was not a problem in the world. I thought to myself that had I stayed at home all that I would be doing is browsing the internet thinking of what to have for dinner. Instead I explored La Villita, a place with so much culture and beauty I couldn’t believe I was even stateside. We took it easy and had a late lunch and went around the craft market, sat at the fountain and talked about how they were right and I was wrong.

One stop that could have ended the fun was our visit at the Botanical gardens. Remember when I said I felt like a kid again? Well, I also acted like one. The place was so beautiful I played around as if I was still a teenager. I won’t go into the details of my stupidity. Bottom-line was I threw my back. Luckily enough San Antonio have the best chiropractors in the world, at least to me they are.  They fixed me up so well I can pretty much recommend anyone with back troubles to treat back pain in San Antonio chiropractic adjustment clinic. I learned my lesson and took it easy the rest of our stay there. I still had a lot of fun but dialed down my shenanigans.

A memorable stop was the Brewery, the Lone Star Brewery. I was ready to get my drink on, hoping to get some free beer after the tour. When I got there though, I discovered that it ceased being a brewery for some time now and was now a museum. It was my choice for everything to be a surprise, “don’t tell me, I want to experience it” was my motto at that time. Needless to say I was not really Museum dressed, there was no dress code, but I was the only one who wasn’t smartly dressed. The exhibits were wonderful though, it had more than local history which was quite incredible on its own. Their Egyptian and Asian exhibit was rich with artifacts, I learned a good deal about samurais and ancient Egypt.

I was clueless about the beauty and wonders you could experience in your own country, had I not have friends who would drag me around, that cluelessness might have not allowed me to enjoy that things I have. Then being clueless in San Antonio was an experience filled with wonderful surprises.