Clueless in San Antonio

My time in San Antonio was something of a wonderful surprise, I never actually thought about visiting the place. I was never fond of the idea of traveling domestic destinations, when it came to traveling I always thought of Europe or Asia. I am quite lucky to have friend that would literary drag me out of my room to enjoy events and trips, their story of what San Antonio would be seemed exaggerated, but the moment we got to the river walk I finally had to admit that there is a lot to see and experience in your own country.

My first time at the river walk was amazing! It was as if I was in another country, the river taxi took us to most of the places we wanted to visit. I felt like a kid again, just enjoying the ride as if there was not a problem in the world. I thought to myself that had I stayed at home all that I would be doing is browsing the internet thinking of what to have for dinner. Instead I explored La Villita, a place with so much culture and beauty I couldn’t believe I was even stateside. We took it easy and had a late lunch and went around the craft market, sat at the fountain and talked about how they were right and I was wrong.

One stop that could have ended the fun was our visit at the Botanical gardens. Remember when I said I felt like a kid again? Well, I also acted like one. The place was so beautiful I played around as if I was still a teenager. I won’t go into the details of my stupidity. Bottom-line was I threw my back. Luckily enough San Antonio have the best chiropractors in the world, at least to me they are.  They fixed me up so well I can pretty much recommend anyone with back troubles to treat back pain in San Antonio chiropractic adjustment clinic. I learned my lesson and took it easy the rest of our stay there. I still had a lot of fun but dialed down my shenanigans.

A memorable stop was the Brewery, the Lone Star Brewery. I was ready to get my drink on, hoping to get some free beer after the tour. When I got there though, I discovered that it ceased being a brewery for some time now and was now a museum. It was my choice for everything to be a surprise, “don’t tell me, I want to experience it” was my motto at that time. Needless to say I was not really Museum dressed, there was no dress code, but I was the only one who wasn’t smartly dressed. The exhibits were wonderful though, it had more than local history which was quite incredible on its own. Their Egyptian and Asian exhibit was rich with artifacts, I learned a good deal about samurais and ancient Egypt.

I was clueless about the beauty and wonders you could experience in your own country, had I not have friends who would drag me around, that cluelessness might have not allowed me to enjoy that things I have. Then being clueless in San Antonio was an experience filled with wonderful surprises.