How To Clean Up Your Garage – Fast & Effective

It is funny how cars are no longer parked inside the garage anymore. It’s not because it is inconvenient but because the garage has turned into an in-house dumpster where you keep the stuff that you are not sure whether to dispose or keep.

It is a big waste of space and function to use your garage that way. The garage is meant to keep your car safe from the elements. Now, you need to get your act together and give your vehicle the garage it so deserves. Here are some ideas on how you can organize your garage.

First things, first. You need to set a schedule on when you will do the task of cleaning up your garage. You would be the one to know how much time you can spend on your garage cleaning so set up the schedule and stick to it. Once you started moving something from the garage, you need to commit that you will finish it.

Next, make sure you have a roll-off container on stand-by and they will make sure that your trash goes to the landfills and not back into your garage. If you are in New Jersey, we recommend these guys that we have been using for our own business. They are very reliable and efficient in their jobs. If you prefer not doing the work yourself you can hire a junk removal service such as college hunks hauling junk.

Now, here are the basic steps to complete your garage clean-up.


This will take the bulk of your time in your garage clean-up activity. You have three categories that you need to keep in mind when you do your sorting, and that is “Keep,” “Donate,” and “Throw.” You need to be objective here. To know which to throw, you just need to ask yourself is this still useful? Did my life stop functioning when I did not see this thing in the past two years? If you say “Nay,” to any of the questions, that means that the thing goes straight to the dumpster.

We understand that there are things that hold sentimental value. But if they are eating a lot of space and just covered with dust, you need to rethink it. You can take a photo of it if it is that hard to let go.

The ones for donation needs to go right away. Do not keep them in your garage for more than a month. It is meant to go out of your garage so do it ASAP.


For the items you intend to keep, sort them further according to their kind such as sports gear, tools, etc. so it will be easier to store them. Here are some guidelines on how you should keep them organized in your garage.

  1. Keep items off your garage floor. Make it your personal rule so that your things will be placed on proper shelves if you want to keep other things besides your car in the garage.
  2. Keep items that you use together stored close to each other
  3. Place bulky equipment on the corners of your garage.


You need to keep your garage organized. Resist the temptation to stash things in your garage. You have your shelves so make sure you only put there what is necessary. Asking yourself “Where will I put it?” before bringing new items to your home will help you curb the habit of stashing things in your garage.