It’s Hard to Make a Car Pest Free

I’m not talking about keeping a car pest free, I am talking about a car that already has pests, and you want to make it pest free. Last month I found this car on Craigslist and thought that it would be perfect to flip, it was in good condition or at least as good as a second-hand car could be. I’m very good at fixing cars and buying and restoring cars to flip is my game, but this time the car had something I wasn’t familiar with, something I never encountered in a car, something alive!

I wish it were something more awesome and mysterious, but the thing inside the car was a mouse. It was incredibly persistent and living somewhere inside the seats or trunk. I thought about hiring a Pest Control Company Jupiter to handle things for me, but the one I called told me that I would end up needing to take the car apart anyway because a dead mouse would eventually smell. So our game of cat and mouse started and lasted until the last piece of the interior was out. It took a couple of days, but I found its home inside the dashboard, the mouse now lives in a cage at the corner of my office, a good fate for such an adversary.