Keeping My Car Collection Safe from Pests

Unless if I keep my car collection inside a giant, airtight vault, I wouldn’t be able to completely protect them from every element, though I would like that kind of security for my cars, I am not that rich. What I have notice though, is that even if you keep your garage clean there is still the problem of pests and vermin invading when the presence of people are lacking, which describes my garage perfectly. The dust also collects if I leave the place alone for too long, because of these I have decided to formulate a plan to keep my Collection in pristine condition.



Keeping the place clean

The idea is simple, keeping the place clean with cleaners coming in every other day, if not every day. The amount of cleaning of the surrounding area will keep pests from starting to live in an area of the garage, this very essential as most of the time I have noticed that many pests find cars to be the perfect place to live in. If you allow them in close proximity to the cars, it won’t be long when they decide to upgrade their little corner of the garage to my Porsche 911’s compartment.

Keeping an area clean, even if food is not present is necessary, if a place remain untouched for so long they find the place to be a perfect hiding spot and breading area. When they do they will start living in it, dragging in pieces of food and attracting more pests like bugs.


Making sure the Garage is Safe

Locking the garage and making sure that it is sealed shut is a start, but you have to also make sure that the whole structure is sturdy and kept well maintained. If the garage is even partially made of wood I suggest that you call termite inspectors, they will inspect if you will need preventive treatment or if you are already infested with termites. While termites are not effective against most cars, with them being made out of metal, there is still the danger of your car being exposed to the forces of nature, through damages of the build caused by termites.

I have seen this happen before, my grandfather had an old classic roadster locked up in his barn, it was quite a rare one too, nowadays you could find a roadster like that probably only in Imperial Palace collection, and though that barn had not been open in a long time, it was discovered that damages on the roof allowed water to fall in, destroying the car slowly, had they maintained the barn or put it in a better structure, that beautiful machine wouldn’t have suffered such a fate.



When it comes to something valuable to you, you will need to protect it from every little thing that could destroy it or the housing that shields it from harm. If you want to maintain anything in good condition, maintain, clean, and protect.

Had my grandfather done this, I would have had a pretty rare car in my collection right now.