Power comes from a Ford 302, which Dave is a big fan of, and having done a session on track I can see why. In this guise, its not a tarmac shredder at 270bhp, but with such a lazy power delivery, this is the sort of car you could cruise huge distances in and arrive at the other end unflustered. Actually the SRV8 was the days 'sleeper' and impressed all of our drivers to differing levels for different reasons. I enjoyed the solid feel, the lack of rattles and the luxurious ride quality as did Alan Morgan, but we were all aware that the engine had only done a total of 50 miles prior to our test so we were gentle with it. It may have been the least powerfull car an parade at Snetterton, but it pulled extremely well due in part to the camshaft, headers and intake manifold, while the gearbox was among the best on the day.

Excerpt from Total Kit Car magazine Cobra guide Compilation track test at Snetterton.

It feels good to sit in too, the driving position well set and even before its recent modification to the floor, its clear they have spent time getting the driving position right They have also worked on the clutch, which without recourse to a servo, is surprisingly light and balanced against the well regulated throttle. As it clears ditches with the blast from its sidepipes, there's nothing to suggest any degree of nervousness in the feel, the steering remains totally communicative and a doddle to turn. Really the only place within easy driving distance of Pagham that will test the
SRV8's ability to hang on is the Goodwood circuit and the Earl wasn't available on the phone to ask. Evan so, there are a few decent corners at which point the car with intent and it doesn't let you down. It noses in with confidence and you enjoy the slight roll and the way the long bonnet sweeps across the landscape as it swings round the bend. Come the exit, a firm squeeze on the power maximises the grip that hauls the back end round and fires you up the next short straight.

Excerpt from Kit Car magazine roadtest

We like its sturdy chassis and resulting good balance.If we could get an extra inch or two in the arm length to the steering wheel, then that would be a bonus. Of course, Madgwick is a small company, lacking a large premises or busy workshop with lots of orders being manufactured . For some that may be a drawback, but for others it will hold appeal. Madgwick produces a small number of cars each year for customers who search out the personalised service that comes with such an operation. If that's you, head for the south coast and stop just before you get to the beach.

Excerpt from Complete Kit Car road test

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