Partying On a Boat after a Friendly Race

The best time to party is after having a whole lot of fun, just like what my dad always tells me “Don’t drink to get happy, drink to get happier”, which is exactly how you could define how we spent one night some time ago. We decided to have a little friendly race, with a little reward for all of us waiting at the other side. We decided to find a party boat hire it and use it as the destination and finish line for our race, where we would party the whole night away.

I won’t be mentioning names or places, given that we might have cause a bit of disturbance during our race. So allow me to vaguely tell you about the best Saturday I have ever had!



The Planning

So we know racing at certain places would be dangerous, so we made sure to start the race at the right time and place, making sure to avoid traffic. We like having fun, but we don’t really like doing it at the expense of others, we monitored everything from traffic to making sure our routes were patrol free. The cops are just doing their jobs, so better make sure we are out of their way, and not waste their time chasing a bunch of lunatics like us.

After some time of monitoring the movement of traffic and how authorities monitor traffic, we got the best route at the best possible time to reach the docks. All that was left was figuring out which cars to use, in the event of getting caught drag racing, we didn’t really want our cars to be impounded, so we decided to get a few old models to race (we have disposable income, don’t worry though we do give money to charity, but we don’t forget to enjoy ourselves).


The Cars

There was supposed to five of us who was part of the race, and a lot more waiting at the docs for us for the party to start. But all we found were three good cars with decent working engines, one was an old 96 Corolla, and two Lancers so we decided to draw straws and the other two will just have to wait for our next event.

Not Fast & The Furious ;]

Not Fast & The Furious ;]

This wasn’t a “Fast and Furious” type of race, we were exceptional drivers, but we didn’t have the beasts you saw Vin Diesel driving. In fact they were okay at best, the corolla actually needed its starter to get replaced the day before the race, good thing a buddy of mine had and old one that fits lying around in his garage.  The Lancers were pretty banged up when we got it, and the paint job was terrible, they were definitely not pretty much less exceptional machines. But they did have decent engines, and we made sure to tune them up before the race.


The Race

Was it something spectacular, did we fly all over the place and try to push the others off the road? Nah, it was a clean race, except for over-speeding and destroying a few traffic cones, I really don’t think it was too wild. We made sure to lessen any dangers when it came to actually doing it, as we knew it was a stupid thing to do, but we just had to do it because it looked really kick ass in the movies.

We went over the speed limit but none of us really floored it throughout the end, out of fear that we might actually hurt someone.  I  know for a fact that real racers reading this might think that we should have gone all out, since we made all the preparation and all, but let me remind you that our aim was to have a fun time and just get to the docks first.



I got to the docks last, and as to who actually won, there is still a debate going on, as the two seemed to reach the docks about at the same time, I would post a video from one of our friends at the docks but that would really expose us. We just decided to split the prize between the two “winners” Which is a Secret.