My Thoughts on the Tesla Model 3

teslaSo I was thinking of switching to an electric car, of course when you say electric car nowadays it’s always something from tesla. Yes, I know that there are other electric cars out there and how some hybrid cars are more dependable. But I’ve wanted to try out being all futuristic. With 2015 passing by I remember a lot of promises of the future made by “Back To The Future II”, we didn’t get a legit hover craft, and the self-lacing shoes was either just a project of the company for publicity or some tech-savvy guys garage project. It’s far from a flying car but you can’t help but think that the Model 3 is a futuristic car with its sleek design and self-driving capabilities, which I heard you, have to pay for to enable, boo! Then again I do worry about kids crossing the street when a total moron tests out the limits of the car’s self-driving capabilities.

Now, let’s talk about the car itself. It’s priced at around 35 to 43 thousand dollars, depending on options I heard, which is an okay price for a car like this I guess.  And will be out approximately late 2017, I guess they are still making sure that the AI won’t turn against humanity. Jokes aside this will be the first time the company will be producing and releasing so many units, as much as 400,000 Model 3s, compared to their earlier more exclusive units which they only produced and released 140,000. The thought of the company not meeting their deadline will cross all of our minds, but then again they are the sister company of space-x, if they can put things into orbit and land reusable rockets upright, I guess they can find ways to reach the production goals, I’ve heard of deals here and there with factories so I am not that worried.


So why not the other electric cars that will soon be in the market as well? I had heard that other car manufacturers will be selling their electric cars soon, and that they will be a bit cheaper compared to the Model 3. But with what Tesla has shown us, I am more than satisfied with the performance they promise, not to mention that the company has been doing this for a long time, I am pretty sure that they know more about electric cars compared to their competitors. And lastly who can resist buying a car made by a company whose owner is quite possibly a super villain.